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    Peace meetings in Çanakkale

    Doğan News Agency
    21.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ÇANAKKALE - About a century after their grandfathers fought the at Gallipoli, a group of young Turkish, French, English and German people met to give messages of peace to the world.

    Organized by the European Union with a budget of 18,000 euros, the project titled "Grandfathers fought, grandsons meet for peace" helped gather 44 young people in the city of Çanakkale. Groups of 10 joined by one leader come from each one of the four countries. The participants’ ages range from 16 to 26.

    The project, which started yesterday and will continue until next Tuesday, aims to give messages of peace, reminding the world about the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, one of the cruelest battles of the last century with nearly half a million dead from both sides combined.

    There will be panels focusing on the Battle, conferences on peace, workshops about culture and arts and finally, trips to the city during the project.

    Project coordinator Zafer Okun Ongan said that despite the bloody history, Çanakkale is now a town of peace.

    "Çanakkale was one of the most bloody fronts of World War I, but then it became the city of peace," said Ongan. "It is an interesting front, however, considering the humane relations." He added, "The project will continue every year to become traditional."
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