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    Pavarotti registers the last word in the "infidel music" incident

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    02.02.2006 - 10:58 | Son Güncelleme:

    World famous tenor Luciano Pavarotts has commented on the furor which has erupted among Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) choral performers due to an incident in which the choral director, Ergin Erenoglu, said of a Pavarotti CD playing on a bus music system during a road trip: "Turn off that infidel music!" Said Pavarotti, "Let's not make such a drama out of this incident.

    It was one person's view, and as such, has nothing to do with Turkey. I am a famous singer, and am known and listened to all over the world. If my voice doesn't sound good to someone, that is that person's problem. But I don't connect this to all of Turkey."
    Speaking further about his memories of Turkey, Pavarotti said, "...On top of everything, Turkey is a tolerant country. In 1964, when I sang the lead in La Boheme, the chorus was composed of Turks. They were signing in Turkish, and I was singing in Italian, and there was a harmonizing problem of course. While I was singing the 'Andiam, andiam, andiam" aria, they were singing the "Gidelim, gidelim, gidelim" aria. But they were incredibly careful not to have the audience feel the disharmony in language and diction. This is why I love the Turks, and they love me. Once again, I want to repeat, this whole incident ought to not be exaggerated."
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