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    Papandreou Ended A Taboo Of 550 Years!

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    22.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Greek Foreign Minister Yorgo Papandreou destroyed the taboo of “Istanbul” in the first minutes of the visit of Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul to Athens. In the joint press conference of the two Foreign Ministers, Papandreou, while mentioning that the torch of 2004 Olympic Games would pass through Istanbul, first used the term “Constantinople,” which is the name of Istanbul in the ear of Eastern Rome Empire.However, then he used the name “Istanbul” and thereby he destroyed a 550-year-old taboo in this sense. Because, eve though the name of the city was changed to Istanbul 550 years ago, Greeks continue to call it Constantinople. In the press conference, Papandreou said; We can say that we took great steps when compared to the last 40 years. Our message is that we should draw lessons from our past experiences. This is necessary for the next generations of both countries to live in peace and prosperity. These bilateral relations give us the chance of solving our problems step by step. Gul said, “The will of our people to turn Aegean into a sea of peace encourages our governments.”In Athens, Gul signed the Olympic Peace Communiqué and said, “As the neighbor of Greece, Turkey has a lot to do to assist her in 2004 Athens Olympic Games.”
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