GeriGündem Papadopulous Is Ready For Coffee Meeting
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Papadopulous Is Ready For Coffee Meeting

Greek Cypriot Spokesman, Kipros Hrisostomidis spoke yesterday to Hurriyet in answer to the question of "whether the Greek Cypriot leader Tasos Papadopulous would accept the invitation from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for coffee". "We made the offer and Erdogan always said no. This meeting must be about Turkish soldiers on the island.

 If Erdogan is ready, a way may be found about a meeting place and time." said Hrisostomidis in reply to the public invitation from Erdogan of drinking coffee face-to-face on Cypriot soil.

Hrisostomidis stressed that Greek Cypriot leader Tasos Papadopulous made invitations to meet with the Turkish prime minister numerous times, but these offers had been continuously rejected and that in the case of Erdogan now deciding to meet, of course Papadopulous was ready to meet the Turkish PM.

Hrisostomidis said that the Cyprus problem would be solved with the complete pull-out of Turkish soldiers and the limitation of guarantee-ship right.

Hrisostomidis replied Hurriyet's questions about the Cyprus problem and the
EU process of Turkey.

Here is the demand list of the Greek Cypriots:

1) The Turkish soldiers should be removed completely when Turkey becomes a
full member of the EU.

2) Turkey should not have a one-sided intervention right.

3) If the number of Turkey-origin people that will remain is decreased, we
will say yes.

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