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    Ozkok: Our Phone Is Also Bugged

    Hürriyet Haber
    31.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    In the October 29 Reception, Chief of Joint Staff Hilmi Ozkok told journalists that the armed movement in Iraq started becoming more and more organized and that “Of course, when they become more organized, they start to expand and it becomes easier to collect information about them.”According to Ozkok even the concept of sovereignty changed in today’s world. Ozkok said, “For instance, now there is the principle of open airspace. Anyone can come and take pictures through your airspace. We have to take these developments into consideration.”As to his daily working plan, Ozkok said, “We have daily working hours. However we work in the evening also. Because there are many materials that we have to read.”Regarding the number of meetings he has in a week with force commanders and other high-ranking commanders, Ozkok said that they had no routine meeting schedules but they often came together because of the recent developments. Ozkok said, “Some commanders like to work personally. I prefer teamwork. I frequently talk to commanders on the phone. We even have a system of a visual phone. Phones Are Bugged “The phone of everyone in Turkey is tapped. Therefore we have some measures. We have a very good ciphering system. I have two separate phones on my desk. With the red one, I talk to commanders and with the green one, I can talk to the President or Prime Minister.”
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