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    Opposition grabs chance to bash Erdogan for Mersin "gaffe"

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    13.02.2006 - 12:53 | Son Güncelleme:

    Opposition leaders throughout the spectrum in Ankara had their own reactions to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's much publicized angry exchange with a farmer in Mersin this weekend. The exchange, as reported in newspapers, included the use of strong jargon and slang words not normally heard from a prime minister in Turkey.

    Speaking about the incident, the leader of the Anavatan Party, Erkan Mumcu, said, when asked to analyze it, that he would prefer not to analyze it, but would instead "leave the job of analysis up to the people of Turkey." Said Mumcu further, "The people of Turkey need to understand some of the realities on hand. When we in politics comment on these sorts of things, there is no value. We have been late to see this reality, and I hope the people of Turkey are faster than we have been in recognizing the truth."
    Commenting on the Mersin exchange in his own right, Mehmet Agar, leader of the opposition DYP Party, said this: "To insult a citizen of this country in front of everyone shows a panic trait, a certain inexperience, and is an expression of the fact that he (Erdogan) is incapable of leading this country." Agar went on to say that the ruling AKP was, in his opinions, incapable of dealing with any crises that occured.
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