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    Olli Rehn arrives in Ankara to "celebrate and congratulate"

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    07.10.2005 - 11:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    EU Commissioner for Expansion, Olli Rehn, arrived yesterday in Ankara for "celebration and congratulations" in the wake of the successful start to Turkish EU accession talks in Luxembourg. Traveling by economy class on a Turkish Airlines flight into Ankara, Rehn was busy at work on the text for the speech he was planning to give Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul's home city Kayseri today.

    Speech to include greetings in Turkish

    With plans to greet his Kayseri audience partially in Turkish, Commissioner Rehn spoke about how he viewed Kayseri in the light of Turkey in general: "I see Kayseri as the heart of Anatolia. It is an important city as it represents the dynamism of the Turkish economy and industry." FM Gul for his part said he was pleased with Rehn's trip to Kayseri, especially as Rehn himself had requested to go there. Saying that he followed the economic and social developments in the east and southeast of Turkey very closely, Rehn asserted: "We have to create an atmosphere of peace there. The EU condemns every kind of terrorism. However we place great importance on the development of the people in the region. It is critical to the EU that peaceful solutions be found to conflicts."

    Rehn noted that there were three main reasons he was visiting Turkey so soon after the start to the Luxembourg talks: "The first is to celebrate the historic decision, the second is to congratulate Turkey on the reforms which have been carried out, and the third is to enourage Turkey to give all of its energy from now on to continuining and implementing the reforms." Rehn also stressed that he hoped that too much energy on the Turkish side would not be locked up in the Cyprus problem.

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