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    Oktay Eksi: The best solution for the Kurdish issue

    Hürriyet Haber
    16.05.2008 - 11:18 | Son Güncelleme:

    We will better differentiate those who pretend to speak on behalf of Kurdish citizens, when we are able to clearly distinguish those who we should be taking seriously.

    DTP chairman Ahmet Turk is said to have recently stated: 


    "I say this very clearly. We tell the PKK that their armed struggle harms Kurds and strengthens the position of the military forces. And the PKK responds by saying, 'If steps are taken and a project is presented to us, maybe then we can end this.' But this issue is not being solved and the situation places us in conflict with our public."     


    Turk was said to have made this statement to a group of reporters prior to his return from a visit to Iraq. What’s more, he is said to have stated, "They would voice their opposition to the PKK if they continued their armed struggle even after a political solution project was presented to them."


    However, Ahmet Turk later claimed that his statements were misinterpreted. So, can it be that he had simply stated that "the disputes are of no benefit to either Turkish or Kurdish people," and that the other statements had been added during their interpretation from Syrian to Kurdish?


    Do you think this is possible?


    Could an interpreter have added so much to the conversation?


    In fact, we were extremely surprised when we first heard Turk saying statements such as, "oppose the PKK."


    As you know, Turk and the other members of the DTP never refer to the PKK as a "terrorist organization." That is because they are well aware that Kurds including, Kani Yilmaz, Serdar Kaya and in particular, Hikmet Fidan, were killed for voicing their "opposition to the leaders of the PKK."


    So, which of Turk’s statements does he continue to voice?


    Could it be the statement, "We search for a solution through peace, reconciliation and dialogue."?


    So far we have failed to find a solution within this framework; yet, so many statements have been made in line with this frame.


    At one time they stated, "Let’s separate Turkey to provinces (States)."


    And at another time they said, "Let’s establish a Democratic Confederation."


    Other times they were content with simply requesting "approval of the Kurdish identity."


    They have always followed the direction set out by Abdullah Ocalan; they have never been free from the PKK.


    That is why it is not at all surprising that Ahmet Turk later declared that the statements published in newspapers around the country had been misinterpreted.


    Let’s put forward a formula for the solution they are seeking:


    The only way for a lasting solution to the issue is to share all the happiness of Turkey, to join together in the face of the hardships, and to live in equality and brotherhood embracing all ethnic groups of Turkish society.


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