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Oktay Eksi: Fact sheets

Both Lebanon and Israel have accepted the United Nations Security Council's resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in the region. And in this way, the attack which began on Lebanon on July 12 has come to an end. Of course, it was the UN's Security Council which gave birth to and shaped the call for the cease-fire.

Truth be told, the cease-fire resolution was in fact the decision of Washington, DC, which saw that business in Lebanon was not going at all as it had anticipated from the beginning. Many calculations had been based on the idea that Israel which quickly enter Lebanon, destroy Hizbollah positions and bases, and then, just as quickly, pull out again.

There is still no indictation that the US has given up on the idea of the "new Middle East" that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice referred to two weeks ago. But the reality is, the Israeli attacks did not go as anticipated.

What it showed was the the Hizbollah terror organization was in fact ready for the Israeli attacks. Reminiscent of how the Bush administration did not calculate the violent and wide-spread resistance that it would meet in Iraq.

As you know, George Bush was going to overthrow Saddam Hussein in just 15 days, presenting an Iraq where the people met US soldiers with flowers in hand to the world. Of course, at the same time, Middle Eastern oil and petrol would also come under US control, but never mind.
Really, the US was going through all of this for democracy, nothing else!
And now, let us try to take a look at all this, and turn out some sort of fact and figure sheets.
How many civilians have died in Iraq, how many US soldiers have been killed. We are not even talking about figures which would estimate how much this war has cost the US in total.
Just as we don't talk about the real numbers of dead Lebanese civilians, Hizbollah members, and Israeli soldiers.
We don't talk about the numbers, the fact sheets, from both Iraq and Lebaon.
Hasn't the situation in Iraq turned exactly into what the US didn't want?

The region, after all, contains the American enemy, Iran, and now is home to the Shiite majority in Iraq, which could give birth to a smaller Iran. And has not the US, which takes every chance it can get to repeat that Iraqi land must retain its unity, done everything it can to divide Iraq into three?
Look, the US tried to destroy the terror organization Hizbollah. It provoked Israel. It supported with all its strenth the attack o Lebanon. And now, in the end, hasn't Hizbollah proven that it is strong enough to do battle with the Israeli army, which is outfitted with the most modern weapons in the Middle East. Of course, we can not kow what else will happen to us for as long as the US carries out its policies. And so of course we console ourselves, thinking at least that there are onily two years lft in Washington, DC.

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