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    Objections to namaz wording

    Hürriyet Haber
    25.02.2006 - 11:57 | Son Güncelleme:

    Mualla Selçuk explained to Hurriyet why she has filed an objection to a decision over the rules of namaz for women by the Department of Religious Affairs. The objection is in relation to the following wording: “A woman may not perform the namaz prayer without wearing a headscarf”. Selçuk told Hurriyet her reason for objecting is that this rule is not only applied to namaz these days, but it is also applied to everyday life. Selçuk said, “The decision taken for namaz has been applied to life beyond namaz too”.

    1- The obligation to cover up oneself outside of the ritual of praying
    “I objected to the decision for two reasons. In the decison, it is written, ‘Parts of the woman that should be covered up during the namaz ritual and outside’. When phrased in this way, the conclusion that is drawn is that the woman should be covered up outside of the ritual of praying too.”

    2- Different practices were ignored
    “To come to the second and foremost reason, I am opposed to the decision which I believe is an insufficient, one
    -sided study of the historical process, and which amounts to ignoring that there are different interpretations of the subject.”
    The woman may uncover her head if she is alone
    “The covering up of the woman’s head during the namaz ritual needs to be evaluated within the larger context of customs. It is however imperative to show respect for people’s personal lives. As for my opinion on women praying alongside the congregation without wearing a headscarf, I have no comment to make.”
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