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    Nuke process to end soon

    Daily News with wires
    04.12.2008 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - The technical assessment process in Turkey's first nuclear tender process will be finalized by Dec. 20, Energy Minister Hilmi Güler said yesterday.

    The board's approval is necessary before state-owned electricity firm, TETAŞ, can make a final technical decision as to whether or not to move ahead with the tender.

    A consortium, led by Russia’s state-run Atomstroyexport together with Inter RAO and Turkish Park Teknik, was the sole bidder in a tender to build and operate the country's first nuclear power plant. "The decision of The Turkish Atomic Energy Agency, or TAEK, will become clear around Dec. 19 or 20 following the holiday, so we will announce our decision then," Güler told reporters. At the beginning of November, TAEK asked the consortium to clarify some technical issues. According to TAEK's criteria, nuclear power plants must meet approved, up-to-date technological innovations and be compatible with international institutions’ criteria, like the International Atomic Energy Agency.
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