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    No water problem in İzmir this year

    Hürriyet Daily News
    30.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    İZMİR - Good news for people living in drought-prone İzmir, the water level in dams that provide drinking water and irrigation has increased between 50 and 300 percent.

    Winter and spring rains have filled the lakes in İzmir and the city will not have a drought problem this summer after suffering for many years, according to the regional State Waterworks Authority, or DSI.

    According to information obtained by the Anatolia news agency from the regional DSI, the water behind the Tahtalı Dam, which provides drinking water for the city in the Aegean region, has reached 128 million cubic meters, up from 76 million last year. The water level behind the Balçova Dam, which also provides drinking water, was 3.6 million cubic meters last year and has reached 7.4 million cubic meters. Ürkmez Dam, which had only 1.4 million cubic meters last March, has reached 6.5 million cubic meters of water this year and Alaçatı Dam, which had just 5.2 million cubic meters last year, reached 11 million cubic meters.

    Water levels increasing
    The DSI said the Tahtalı Dam has reached 42 percent of its 306.5 million-cubic-meter capacity, the Balçova dam is at 95 percent of 7.8 million cubic meters, the 7 million-cubic-meter Ürkmez Dam is also at 82 percent and the Alaçatı Dam is at 65 percent 16.5 million cubic meters.

    According to the DSI, dams providing irrigation water were also increasing their water levels. The Kestelli Dam has reached 98 percent, the Seferihisar Dam has risen 35 percent and the Kavaklıdere Dam has risen 43 percent.
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