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    No progress in implementation in Turkey, Kretschmer says

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    03.03.2005 - 10:14 | Son Güncelleme:

    Hansjoerg Kretschmer, the head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey, said on Wednesday that no significant progress had been made by Turkey in political reforms, particularly in implementation of these reforms, since December 17th (2004 when the European Council decided to open full membership negotiations with Turkey on October 3rd, 2005).

    Kretschmer held a press conference in which he appreciated Turkish government's determination to continue reforms and technical studies, but stated that he had not seen any progress in implementation.

    Recalling that there were cases filed against about 60 publishers and authors in Turkey, Kretschmer said that one of these authors was (world-famous Turkish author) Orhan Pamuk, and any official had not reacted to it (this situation).

    Commenting on the statement of Turkish Foreign Ministry which said that there had not been any delay in (Turkey's EU) process and the EU should also fulfil its own responsibilities, Kretschmer said that theywere still working on some documents.

    Kretschmer stated that the Accession Partnership Accord would be ready within this year, while the frame document would be completed before full membership negotiations (with Turkey) were opened, and added that there was no need for a new Accession Partnership Accord to continue political reforms because the progress report made public in October 2004 laid the groundwork for those reforms.

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