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    NBC apologizes for defamation of Turkey

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    29.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Television network NBC President Jeff Zucker apologized by letter to Turkey's Ambassador to Washington, Frank Logoglu, after broadcasting an inaccurate portrayal of Turkey in a recent episode of the show "West Wing". The show portrayed Turkey to be a country ruled by Islamic law that had ordered the beheading of a woman for the crime of adultery.Both Zucker and the executive producer of the show, John Well's, offered their apologies for the unflattering portrayal and worte that they had been misinformed about Turkey and its laws."In the future we will not only visit Turkey, a country that we admire, but also present a better and correct portrayal of your country." Zucker and Wells said in an attempt to correct the defamation.Anyone that has traveled in the Middle East and Turkey, knows that there is no comparison between democratic-secular Turkey and countries ruled by Islamic law.
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