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    More than 5,000 chickens dead in one night in Agri

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    17.10.2005 - 11:34 | Son Güncelleme:

    In the Patnos region of Agri, 5,300 chickens belonging to a trio of live poultry sellers died after being transported to Patnos from Bursa. Ali Dumanli, Selim Karatas and Mehmet Ozyolcu reported that nearly half of the total 12,500 chickens they had bought had experienced diarrhea and color change, after which they died. Karatas, who attested that they had bought the chickens after seeing a veterinary report for the animals, said "We have been doing this work for years. Up to now, at the most 10 of our chickens have ever died from illness like this. These animals died of the bird flu."

    Authorities from the Agriculture Institute in Agri said that some of the chickens bodied had been sent to the Erzurum Veterinary Institute for inspection and testing, but that local veterinarians had not been able to find any sign of bird flu in the animals. Authorities say they are waiting for an answer from Erzurum.
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