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    More than 115.9 thousand motor vehicles registered in December of 2004

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    27.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Automobiles are at the first place among 115,963 motor vehicles registered in December of 2004. The State Institute of Statistics (DIE) said on Saturday that automobiles took the first place with 50.1 percent, followed by small trucks with 30.4 percent, motorcycles with 7.9 percent and trucks with 4.7 percent among all motor vehicles registered in December of 2004.Minibus, bus, road construction and work machinery and special purpose vehicles constituted 6.9 percent of all registered motor vehicles. Meanwhile, 33,697 motor vehicles were withdrawn from records. In the same period previous year, 72,934 motor vehicles were registered while 30,633 motor vehicles were withdrawn. In January-December period of 2004, 838,447 motor vehicles were registered, and 298,285 motor vehicles were withdrawn.Number of registered motor vehicles rose by 136.2 percent, and number of withdrawn motor vehicles increased by 229.1 percent.
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