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    MIT Stirred Switzerland

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    26.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The scheduled Turkey visit of Swiss Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey in October, was found out to be postponed not because a Swiss canton recognized the Armenian genocide claims, but because the minister met a high-ranking PKK official in Lausanne.Upon this tip-off of the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT), the visit of the Swiss Foreign Minister was postponed. The local media reacted at the incident saying that "How come the Turkish secret service is allowed to work here?" MIT notified the Swiss Security organization of this very secret meeting. The Security organization, in turn conveyed the information to the Swiss Council President Metzler who informed President Couchepin.    It was the Swiss daily Tagersanzeiger who relevealed the crisis that took place between Ankara and Switzerland after Turkey postponed  the visit of the Swiss  foreign minister  to Turkey. Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey denied the allegations. 
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