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    Message From PM Erdogan To Denktas

    Hürriyet Haber
    12.04.2004 - 10:25 | Son Güncelleme:

    PM Tayyip Erdogan, on his way to Japan for an official visit, spoke harshly yesterday about Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktas: “If there is something to do, you are welcome to do it in Cyprus. Tell whatever you want to say, in Cyprus!.”

    Denktas had participated, in Turkey, in the rallies of organizations opposing the Annan Plan. Erdogan criticized Denktas by saying “I follow with regret, the TRNC President coming to Turkey and holding meetings with very marginal groups, and I said this to him as well. He previously held a meeting in the Ankara Chamber of Commerce as well. Most of those joining these activities, were the ones describing the Turkish Military Forces as “Occupying forces.”

    Responding to Erdogan from Cyprus, Denktas said “In my opinion, the Prime Minister was misled, on the Cyprus issue.”

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