GeriGündem Mehmet Yilmaz: The thing missing in the Ergenekon investigation
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Mehmet Yilmaz: The thing missing in the Ergenekon investigation

Something drew my attention in the news published in the country’s dailies on Sunday regarding the Ergenekon investigation:

A connection is being established between the Ergenekon Terrorist Organization's "chaos creating acts" and the Hrant Dink Assassination* and the attack against the Council of State.


The opinion of a connection between the hand grenades found in a house in the Umraniye district of Istanbul and the Council of State attack case has emerged as the investigation has unfolded.


At that time, the court did not take the opinion of a connection into consideration when it handed down its ruling on the case.


On the other hand, the trial for the assassination of Hrant Dink is still continuing and so far we have not witnessed any efforts to make a connection between this case and the Ergenekon investigation.


Moreover, it is obvious that the negligence of the police and the gendarmerie intelligence services had led to his murder, yet we have not heard anything reports that the investigation is deepening in that direction.


Perhaps if it had, it might have been possible to understand the branches of the Ergenekon network within the state.

This why I am suspicious about the methods being executed in this investigation:

Some very serious claims are being made, yet the branches of this network are not even on the agenda of the investigation.

Note: Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, was  shot dead outside his in Istanbul in January 2007 by a nationalist minor. The assasination created a huge reaction in Turkey and hundreds of thousands of people held demonstrations to protest the incident.

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