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    Mehmet Y. Yilmaz: We want the real killers

    Hürriyet Haber
    09.02.2006 - 10:37 | Son Güncelleme:

    I am sure no one expects us to believe that a 16 year old boy, from a Trabzon family just on the edge of poverty, went out on his own and bought a 4 thousand dollar gun, because he wanted revenge for the Danish caricatures. If there are those out there who hope that we believe this, let me tell you know, you will never convince us!!

    So, who put this gun into this kid's hand? Who told him where to go, and who to target with the bullets?
    We have to find out these details, just as we need to find out who the real culprits are behind this murder.
    The Hurriyet's Ankara representative, Nur Batur, spoke with a high level authority involved in the operation to capture the murder suspect. Here is what she was told by this authority: "There are definitely no ties to any illegal organizations behind this murder." But this seems to be a rather hastily drawn conclusion to me. I think the investigation has to escape from these early pre-judgements in order to get as deep as it needs to get. After all, the fact that this teenages was influenced, say many, by the ideologies of Hayday Bas (a religious extremist) would seem to contradict initial claims that there were no ties to illegal organizations behind this murder.
    In any case, they found a killer young enough so that his crime sentence will be much lightened this time; let's not let the threads on this one go, so that the lives of more youths and valuable people are not wasted.
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