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    Maltepe's law faculty response: Court's decision anathema to Turkish Constitution

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    23.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Professor Ulku Azrak of Maltepe University's Law Faculty has criticized the decision by Istanbul's 4th Chamber Court to cancel the Armenian conference at Bosphorus University as being anathema to the Turkish Constitution. Asserting that the decision by the court had no legal basis to it, Professor Azrak said "....The postponement or banning of intellectual conferences is anathema to the Constitution. The Istanbul Court asked questions as though it were the National Intellgence Agency. The court simply does not have this right. Who is going to participate in an intellectual conference, what they will say, who they will come there, who is paying their way....a court cannot ask these questions. It is anathema to the Constitution. On top of this, a conference which was supposed to take place on September 23 is informed on September 22 that it cannot go ahead. The universities are not even given any time to protest this decision."
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