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    Madison Avenue treatment for "The Other Iraq: Kurdistan"

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    27.07.2006 - 14:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    The regional Kurdish authority in Northern Iraq has started a television campaign in the US and England aimed at attracting potential US and British investors to the region. The name of the campaign is "Kurdistan: The Other Iraq," and the ads have been playing on US television channels for the past week. A US publicity firm, Russo, Marsh & Rogers, is responsible for the ads, which were put together in coordination with the Northern Iraqi Kurdish led government.

    One of the first of the ads starts with a voice-over intoning "We thank the Americans for bringing democracy to our country," and going on to mention how happy they are to have achieved peace, secularity, and security. Another ad in the series proclaims "Welcome to Iraqi Kurdistan," inviting Arabs, Kurds, and Westerners in general to come and vacation in the region. Yet another ad in the campaign shows different people working in the region, with an airplane mechanic saying "We are creating democracy," a technician saying "We are creating hope," and a gardener saying "We are investing in the future." A little Kurdish girl is pictured at the end of this ad saying "Share the dreams." The ad also focuses on growing trade opportunities in Northern Iraq, noting that large amounts of meat products, tomato paste and fruit juices are currently being produced there. The ad also implies that since the beginning of the current war, no coalition soldiers have been killed in Northern Iraq. Interestingly, these ads have nearly identical versions planned for a British audience, with voice-overs thanking the British forces rather than the American ones.
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