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    Louai Sakka arrives at hearing in orange "Guantanamo" jumpsuit

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    23.05.2006 - 14:16 | Son Güncelleme:

    Louai Sakka, who is being tried for a life sentence in Turkey for alleged high level involvement in the Al Queda terror group, came to court yesterday in Istanbul dressed in an orange jumpsuit like the ones worn by Guantanamo Bay prisoners, but was not allowed into the courtroom by the judge.

    Sakka's lawyer, Levent Dogus, requested that his client be granted prisoner of war status, as he said Sakka's actions were not directed towards Turkey itself, but towards the US forces occupying Iraq. Dogus also protested the court's decision not to allow Sakka into the trial based on his client's choice of clothing, saying it was not in keeping with the law. To this, the head of the court, Zafer Baskurt, replied "He has worn a special piece of clothing in order to protest. This is not Guantanamo Bay." Following on this, a letter requesting information on how Sakka had gotten the orange jumpsuit to begin with was sent to the Kocaeli F Type Prison where he is being kept.
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