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    Local administrator charged

    Anatolia News Agency
    29.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    KEMER, Antalya - A former local administrator from Kemer in Antalya was charged with opening shores to illegal use.

    In a lawsuit in the Antalya Heavy Penal Court filed by three locals, the former administrator was charged with letting 16 holiday resorts illegally use the Göynük shore. According to charges, the holiday resorts put piers, stones and canopies on the beach, which they were not allowed to do.

    Public Prosecutor İsmet Tarhan said that there was a previous court decision to penalize those hotels, but the local administration failed to apply this decision. "It is now seen that those objects were not cleared from the beach despite the court ruling, and the local administrator neglected to do his job," he said.

    Tarhan said that the former administrator should be penalized with a two-year prison sentence.

    This is not the first case about claims of misuse of beaches, as environmentalist groups took a company to court, claiming that it dumped excess sand from a hotel construction site into the sea in Bodrum, after the offending firm was given an additional year to complete the clean up project.
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