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    Lobby pianist strikes 3 trillion

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.01.2006 - 14:35 | Son Güncelleme:

    27 year-old Hüseyin Akçaylı, pianist at one of Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels, Swiss Hotel, has been arrested for swindling his circle of friends out of 3 million New Turkish Liras (YTL).

    Swiss Hotel employees, 21 in total, filed a complaint with the public prosecutor, against Hüseyin Akçaylı, claiming that he tricked them into believing he would make them a large profit in the stock exchange. The pianist, who collected a total of 655,500 YTL and $32,000 from employees at the hotel, was arrested 2 months ago. Other complaints of about the pianist were found at other public prosecutor offices.

    147 years for single case

    Akçaylı has several cases filed against him, but is expected to get between 42 and 147 years imprisonment for the fraud case filed by his 21 colleagues.


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