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    Livaneli Faces Disciplinary Action

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    02.02.2005 - 14:30 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Republican People's Party administration have resolved the matter of whether to send Zulfu Livaneli to the disciplinary board, after he said that the CHP should be turned into a foundation. Zulfu will face disciplinary action although it is not yet clear when.

    CHP's Deputy Group Chairman of CHP, Kemal Anadol told a press conference that he had learned about what Livaneli had said with "Astonishment and horror" and added "I am amazed that Mr. Livaneli, who was turned down to run for party chairmanship, because he didn't have the necessary votes, is a member of the party assembly at all. Considering his proposal to run for chairmanship, I'm even more surprised that he could have said such things. This saddens me very much."   

    He then said "Would he turn CHP into a foundation if he were the chairman? Was that the reason for him to compete? These are things that should not have been said."

    Anadol also clarified that it was Livaneli's comments about the CHP becoming a foundation that made him eligible for disciplinary action. And that he supported the action against Livaneli on these grounds.

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