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    Let us Have Dinner, also with Chirac

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    29.04.2004 - 10:15 | Son Güncelleme:

    Before inaugurating the Turkish-German Trade and Industry Chamber in Cologne, PM Erdogan told German PM Schröder that France seemed as the biggest obstacle for Turkey, in giving a negotiation date in December and “We have to persuade France. Let us meet in Copenhagen on May 1 and talk about this issue.”

    As Schröder told him that he regarded France as being positive to Turkey in general, Erdogan said “Not so much. You better come to Istanbul with President Chirac. Let us discuss over a dinner. This can be during the NATO meetings too.” Schröder promised to Erdogan to solve this issue.

    In their talk, Schröder told Erdogan, “Herr Erdogan, you did a very successful job. You threw the ball to the field of the other side. There must be an outcome of the good things done. I will say all these in my talk”.


    Addressing the businessmen later on, Schröder said that; Turkish Cypriots can not be punished twice because other who refused a solution. The foreign ministries of our two countries will come together and work to find a way. We have already set up a joint commission.

    These words of Schröder were applauded by 1300 businessmen who raised to their feet.

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