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    Leave Mideast Project Aside And Watch EU And France

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    20.04.2004 - 10:31 | Son Güncelleme:


    "Is the surprising demarce of UMP of Chirac in France two weeks ago, saying that "Turkey can not be a member of EU" , a temporary shift of policy of France for the elections at the European Parliament? Or is this the real face of France?

    "Because of the referendum in Cyprus, the EU goal of Turkey seemed to be at second place. But the issue is really serious.

    "As the teaching staff of Galatasaray University, Dr. Cengiz Aktar has said that there is a new element in the in the announcement of the Politbureau of UMP: "Even if it fulfilled the Copenhagen criteria, Turkey can not be a EU member!"

    "The outcome of the survey of Marianne magazine which showed half of the French supported Turkey's membership, does not mean much, according to EU expert Aktar.

    "According to Aktar, the Armenian Tashnak Party took a recent decision to "Prevent the EU membership of Turkey" and a number of French politicians started playing along this decision. Socialist Party's former minister Pierre Moskovici is one of these.

    "Like Cengiz Aktar, The Bee Movement's leader Kemal Koprulu has concerns over France. Koprulu who tours Washington, New York and Brussels in the last month, believes that this demarche of France, is not temporary. Koprulu has the impression that France will form an alliance against Turkey, by taking four or five countries besides itself.

    "Spain has so far supported Turkey's EU membership. But the new Zapatero government might join France. Koprulu says that "Instead of focusing on big fantasies like the Great Middle East Project, let us concentrate on EU and especially France."..

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