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    KOC CEO Ozaydinli 'Our Aim: To be Top Bank in Turkey'

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    04.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Bulend Ozaydinli, the CEO of KOC Holding said "Our target along with our partner UneCredito is to be at the forefront of banking. When the opportunity to buy Yapi Kredi emerged, we decided to act upon this."Speaking at a press conference, Ozaydinli said "An agreement has been made to take over 57.4 % of Yapi Kredi shares. This agreement will give us a very strong position in the financing sector. The combined value of Yapi Kredi and Turkcell is 2 billion 50 million Euro. At this time we haven't taken any action to buy another company or bank. But I can say that we are interested in the Telecom sector." When asked to comment on Cukurova's Turkcell shares, Bulend Ozaydinli said "We are not opportunists who exploit others." Regarding the 13.1% Turkcell shares in Yapi Kredi, he added "Of course we want to grow in the telecommunication sector but not at the expense of firms facing problems."
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