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    KAREL to manufacture digital centrals in India

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    07.01.2006 - 13:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish digital switchboard manufacturer, Karel, is to set up a digital central factory in India, a country that has made huge progress in the field of Informatics throughout the last 10 years. Karel CEO Serdar Tunaoglu, stated that the company had chosen to make the investment in India because of its growing market. Turkish information technology company, Karel, is teaming up with Indian Intellicom, to set up a $1.5 million factory in the city of Ahmedabad, to manufacture digital switchboards.

    Tunoglu, revealed that the company was going to attend the bidding for telephone centrals for Indian railways, airways, the Indian military and rural areas. Tunaoglu added that the company aims to increase its current 6% share of the Indian market (2006) to 12%.

    Competing with the giants

    Underlining that Karel is currently Turkey’s biggest PBX central manufacturer, occupying 60% of the market, Tunaoglu added that the company’s goal was to continue to grow in both its domestic and foreign markets. He stated that as a result of their flexible work structure and advanced technology, Karel was competing with the likes of international brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson and NEC and had even surpassed them in certain markets

    Indian competition too

    When asked how Karel aims to compete with Indian companies in a country which has shown great innovation in the informatics field, Tunaoglu replied, “Karel can compete anywhere in the world in the realm of PBX. We are not only competing with international companies, but also an Indian company, Tata. The reason behind this is because of our ability to control manufacturing costs, the fact that we develop our own technology and because we meet the specific needs of our customers.” Tunaoglu ended by adding that the company was planning to establish a factory in Azerbaijan within the next few years.

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