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    Justice Minister Cicek speaks out against double surnames

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    02.02.2006 - 10:48 | Son Güncelleme:

    Speaking about proposed changes to the Civil Law Bill which might force women to chose either their maiden names or their spouses' surnames, Justice Minister Cemil Cicek had this to say at a reception in Ankara: "People can use whatever surname they want. But, when spouses use different surnames, the problem arises when it comes time to decide which surname the children will use."

    Speaking further on the question, Minister Cicek said this: "Our women should not be worried. We are not putting forth a bill to their disadvatage. In fact, every draft we have is to the advantage of women. And if there is to be any discrimination, know that it is to be 'positive discrimination' in the favor or women. If spouses can agree on which surname is to be used, then there is no problem. But if they can't, then what will happen when it comes time to decide for the children? .....We are carrying out studies on this question.....any changes to the bill will be in the favor of women."
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