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    Japan chain pulls tainted Chinese beans off shelves

    15.10.2008 - 14:40 | Son Güncelleme:

    A Japanese supermarket chain pulled frozen beans produced in China from its shelves on Wednesday after they were found to be tainted with pesticide, the latest in a string of food safety scandals to hit Chinese producers.

    At least one woman was briefly hospitalized with vomiting and a numb mouth after eating the green beans imported by Nichirei Foods and sold in Ito-Yokado supermarkets, media reports said.


    The Chinese manufacturer of the products, Yantai Beihai Foodstuff Co., told Kyodo news agency it had halted shipments of all its products following the incident.


    Tests showed one package of beans contained 34,000 times the permitted level of dichlorvos, a highly toxic insecticide, Japan's Health Ministry said.


    The food scare emerged a month after a scandal over Chinese milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine, which killed four babies in China, made tens of thousands ill and forced product recalls around the world, including in Japan.


    Earlier this year, several Japanese were made ill by Chinese-made dumplings that also contained insecticide, but a joint investigation has so far failed to reveal how the contamination occurred.


    "For more than a year, products made in China have caused damage in various places," Prime Minister Taro Aso told reporters, referring to a previous scandal over Chinese pet food in the United States.


    He added that mistrust over food would not be good for either country.


    "Naturally they have to conduct inspections, but we also need to do inspections properly, so I discussed that with the agriculture minister as well as the health minister," he added.


    Ito-Yokado apologized for the incident and urged customers not to eat the tainted beans, but to return them to stores.

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