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    İzmir to have more healthy food

    Doğan News Agency
    20.05.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    İZMİR - The Ecologic Agriculture Organization, or ETO, has launched negotiations with İzmir’s Bornova, Karşıyaka and Buca municipalities to open a bazaar to sell organic agricultural products.

    ETO Chairman Atila Ertem, stating that organic textile products would also be sold in these bazaars, said the organization opened its first branch in Adana and would open branches in Istanbul and Ankara in July. Ertem said the bazaars would open in the fall.Pointing out that demand for organic products was increasing because of widespread mounting health problems, Ertem said the sale of organic products in a limited area created a problem, which is why they have focused on opening bazaars in İzmir.

    "The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has a project to open an organic bazaar in Balçova. We, as an association, are in this project. On the other hand, we started to talk with the Bornova, Karşıyaka and Buca municipalities to open bazaars in these districts, too. We, as an association, determined the standards for organic bazaar places. In the coming days, we will tell the municipalities about these standards. The prices of organic products are high because of the difficulties in reaching these products. But when we open these bazaars, prices will go down."
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