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    Italian Consul:“We consider murder as an individual event”

    06.02.2006 - 12:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    Consul Stefano Canzio charged in Italian Consulate General in Istanbul said on Monday that the Italian Consulate considered the murder of Catholic Priest Andrea Santaro in northern Trabzon city as an individual event.

    Canzio arrived in Trabzon today after the killing of Andrea Santaro (60), the Italian Roman Catholic priest of Santa Maria Church in an armed attack yesterday. 

    Speaking to reporters at airport, Canzio said that the Italian diplomatic mission was in contact with the Turkish authorities and noted that he came for the transfer of the dead body of the priest.

    When asked if he thought the murder could be linked to the publication in European newspapers of caricatures which offended the Muslim world, Canzio said that “maybe, but we consider the murder as an individual event. Priest Santaro was a person who loved Turkey and I don't think he did something that could cause any reaction from the
    local people.”

    Canzio who didn't make any more comments, later left for Santa Maria Church.

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