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    It is His Turn to Face Law Suits Now

    Hürriyet Haber
    26.04.2004 - 12:50 | Son Güncelleme:

    Hundreds of Greek Cypriots, who have sued Turkey for years saying, “We cannot return to our homes!” are getting prepared now on the same grounds, to sue Greek Cypriot leader Tasos Papadopulous who said No at the referendum.

    Hundreds of Greek Cypriots who immigrated to the South after 1974 are violently mad at Tasos Papadopulous who caused the rejection of the Annan Plan with his call for No votes.

    Kikis Hristofides, the Chairman of Greek Cypriot Refugees’ Association, said, “The rejection of the Annan Plan was the end of our patience. We will sue Papadopulous and demand damages for not being able to go back to our homes. Turkish Cypriots will not be able to possess their properties. They should bring actions as well.”

    The Greek Cypriots will first exhaust domestic law procedures, then apply to the European Court of Human Rights against Papadopulous. Greek Cypriot settler Loizidou had received damages of 960 thousand dollars from Turkey because of her house in the Northern Cyprus.

    When the Annan Plan was removed because of the “Oxi” (No) of the Greek Cypriot section, the Greek Cypriots living in the North were disappointed.

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