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    Istanbul temperatures continue to climb

    Hürriyet İnternet
    06.08.2006 - 14:37 | Son Güncelleme:

    The heat wave sweeping the whole of Turkey is proving to be evermore overwhelming in Istanbul, where humidity levels are high. The people of Istanbul are desperately looking for ways to cool off.

    Open air pools and the banks of the Bosphorus were filled with people going swimming yesterday, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees Celsius in the Asian side, and 36 degrees Celsius in the European side.

    The heat will continue today as the temperature rises to 37 degrees, along with very high humidity.

    Experts are warning that people, especially children and the elderly, should avoid going outdoors between 12:00-16:00, and that anyone braving the heat should make sure to wear a hat. Those going to the coast for a picnic or shopping are being reminded to take plenty of water.

    Temperatures are expected to drop to 32 degrees tomorrow with the rainfall and to 30 by Tuesday.

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