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    Istanbul hotels reach highest capacity in Europe

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    05.02.2006 - 12:43 | Son Güncelleme:

    Playing host to organisations working on an international scale, Istanbul has been on the rise in recent years. Istanbul hotels achieved the fullest capacity out of all major European tourist cities for the year 2005. According to results of surveys carried out on a regular basis by the British corporate consultant company Deloitte, prominent Istanbul hotels reached a 65% capacity in 2004, compared with 2005 figures which soared to the 75% mark. Closely behind Istanbul were hotels in Moscow reaching 72%, followed by Tel Aviv with 68 % capacity.

    It was stated that the reason behind the recent success of Istanbul hotels, reaching nearly 75% of their overall capacity, was the increasing popularity of the city as a choice to host a large number of international organisations. The Deloitte research shows that there has been a 4.5% increase in income per room throughout Europe in general, lead by Moscow hotels at 136 Euros per room, with Istanbul following with 86 Euros increase in income per room.

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