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    Istanbul court: Journalist Hrant Dink's words conflict with Ataturk's

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    20.10.2005 - 11:08 | Son Güncelleme:

    The six month jail sentence handed down to Armenian journalist Hrant Dink following an article he wrote for the bilingual Turkish-Armenian Agos newspaper in Istanbul was confirmed in a 5 page statement released yesterday from Istanbul court which convicted him. Dink's article in the Agos newspaper included the line "The clean blood which will take the place of the poisoned blood emptied from the Turks belongs to the noble vein of the Armenians in Armenia." This line is also a play on a line from "Nutuk," a famous speech given by Ataturk.

    Nutuk: Freedom of thought and speech have their limits
    The 5 page statement from Sisli's 2nd Chamber Court, includes a passage from "Nutuk." This passage is one in which Ataturk attests that freedom of thought and speech are not limitless, and that everything has its own limits. A part of the decision from the Sisli Court is as follows:
    The defendant said Turkish blood was "poisoned"
    "Every part of these lands has been drenched in blood. Ataturk knew that this land had been saved by this blood, and thus told the youth of the country that the strength of the land was owed to this blood. The defendant, however, has expressed that this blood is "poisoned." This is disrespectful to Turkish ancestors, fallen soldiers, and the shared values of the people."
    The Hrant Dink case has caused concern among many viewers, especially in light of the newly started EU accession talks for Turkey, with more focus being given to the state of human rights in Turkey.
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