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    Israelis use techno skills to up psychological warfare tactics

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.08.2006 - 10:36 | Son Güncelleme:

    Israel used technological skills yesterday to hack into Hizbollah's television station, El Manar, and broadcast anti-Hizbollah messages to viewers during the evening news.

    An image inserted by the Israelis into the news program showed a dead man lying on his back, wearing camaflouge pants and holding rockets, with words in Arabic underneath saying "This is the dead body of a Hizbollah member." Later in the program, a line of text under images said "Nasrallah is lying. We are not hiding your missing people." Later again, under an image of Nasrallah broadcast on El Manar, Arabic text inserted by the Israelis said "Hizbollah members, attention! Nasrallah is lying!" Another image of a dead body flashed on the screen after this, with Arabic text reading "There are many more of these dead bodies. Nasrallah is hiding the truth!"
    Israeli intelligence forces also hacked into Lebanese FM stations, inserting the following broadcast into regular programming on a regular basis:
    "Hasan has sent untrained forces to fight against the steel-like Israeli army. Leave off listening to your patriotic marches for a moment, and think, then act."

    Israeli forces, which are known for their effective psychological warfare techniques, have also hacked into Lebanese cell phones, sending out text messages to Lebanese across the country.

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