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    Israeli spokesperson Gissin: How would you feel if we met with Apo?

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    17.02.2006 - 12:16 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Hamas visit to Ankara appears to have caused diplomatic turbulence between Israel and Turkey. Speaking to an NTV reporter, Israeli Prime Ministerial spokesperson Raanan Gissin said that Meshaal's reception in Ankara was a great mistake which would open great wounds in the Israeli-Turkish relations. Asked Gissin, "What would you feel if we were to meet with (convicted PKK terrorist) Abdullah Ocalan?"

    Recalling that both US and EU governments had put Hamas on their terrorist lists, Israeli government spokesperson Gissin warned "entering talks with the head of a terrorist organization is the greatest blow to the Middle East peace process possible....We do not understand why Turkey would make such a mistake."
    The visit by Hamas to Ankara was discussed by Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and his Israeli counterpart Tzipi Livni three days ago, at which time Livni reportedly told Gul "we do not want a go-between." Speaking further about the surprise visit, Livni said "We are not pleased by these talks. Just as Israeli is not looking for a go-between in our dealing with Hamas, we also do not want to have talks based on certain conditions." While underlining that Gul's telephone call regarding the visit had been viewed positively by Israeli administration members, Livni also underlined that Israeli strongly opposed the Hamas visit to Ankara.
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