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    I shuddered reading the news

    Dogan Hizlan
    31.03.2005 - 14:14 | Son Güncelleme:

    I read the headline in the newspaper Radikal (March 30, 2005) and shuddered. "Barbarism in Isparta." The line under that was even worse: "Provincial Governor of Sutculer says 'Let Orhan Pamuk's Books Be Destroyed.'"

    Read here in my column once more what the Provincial Governor said: "All books by so-called writer Orhan Pamuk will be picked out of libraries and booksellers and destroyed. I request that this subject be followed with the utmost care."

    I am always suspicious of others taking decisions in my name. If a reaction is necessary, people are strong-willed enough on their own to take it, I believe.

    The decision by the Sutculer district of Isparta's Provincial Governor Mustafa Altinpinar to destroy these books comes at the same time as the official "Library Week." People may be against the thoughts of some writers, against some of the themes contained in their books, but to turn this into a movement like this is not right.
    But what is even more frightening for me is the fact that on examination, it turns out that none of the libraries or booksellers in the region even had any Orhan Pamuk books. Wonderful-a major modern Turkish writer is not even found in the bookcases of the region.

    And so the orders of the Provincial Governor were left high and dry-maybe what he should have done was researched whether the libraries of the area carried any Pamuk, and then sent a copy of Pamuk to each library, and THEN carried out the orders to destroy them.

    The Ministry of the Interior needs to take action on this account. If they allow this sort of thing to happen, will every Provincial Governor who takes a dislike to a book be allowed to call for its destruction?

    Why do we not read, why are our children not reading, why are our reading habits so bad-I am sick of these questions. But the answers lie no doubt somehow in this latest effort to collect and destroy Pamuk's books.
    Let there never again be an effort like this one.
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