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    Holiday traffic: the ordeal has begun

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    08.01.2006 - 12:12 | Son Güncelleme:

    Holiday makers suffered the frustration of extremely long traffic queues as they tried to escape from Istanbul for the Kurban holiday on Saturday. A queue, 4 kilometers in length formed at the Tem Kaynasli highway in the direction of Ankara, as drivers took to the roads and headed out of the city for the Eid holiday.

    The holiday-makers' ordeal did not end here. After paying at Kaynasli the drivers formed a long convoy at Bolu mountain because of heavy fog. Following this, they formed yet another bumper-to-bumper queue at the toll road in Abant. The beginning of the Eid holiday has meant the beginning traffic stress for those wishing to drive out of the city, even those drivers who started out early were not saved from the stress.

    Drivers started off their route very early this morning, but were faced with major queues at the Tem toll-road entrance at the Kaynasli district of Duzce, in the direction of Ankara. Those who then proceeded to take the D-100 highway that climbs along the Bolu mountain had a hard time with the fog. Electronic road signs warned drivers to be careful, and drivers getting through the fog had to queue a second time at the Abant junction, forming yet another queue of approximately 1 kilometre. Yet another queue awaited them after the Abant junction, at the Abant toll-road entrance. Disputes were apparent between drivers with electronic passes and those who pushed in front, which blocked the electronic entrance.

    Police team vehicles every 30 kilometres

    While there is an increase of video cameras and radars during the holidays, teams of police officers will be stationed at every 30 kilometers, to conduct security checks. They are especially looking out for worn tyres, unfastened seatbelts, and are carrying breathalisers for alcohol checks.

    Istanbul Ataturk Airport invaded by holiday-makers

    Due to the additional flights that airlines have added as a result of the long 9-day break, Istanbul Ataturk Airport is packed with queueing passengers. Turkish Airlines cancelled flights to Van yesterday as a result of heavy fog, causing some passangers to argue with ticket-sales desk assistants.

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