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Historic port of Teos to be revived

İZMİR - The 3,000-year-old port of Teos will live again. Architect Hüsnü Gökay, the project manager for Kolin Construction, said the marina will be back in service by the beginning of the 2010 season.

Kolin Construction started working right after the Board of Monuments completed its research work. A meeting was arranged to inform the district protocol. Gökay attended the meeting representing the company alongside Fırat Koloğlu, representative of the operator company, Teos Marina; Hilmi Koç, Chief Engineer; Serkan Belen, Construction Engineer; Burçin Gül, Constructor’s Supervisor; İbrahim Yanç, Deputy Director for the Directorate of Construction of Railways, Ports and Airports, or DLH; Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Seferhisar; Şakir Erden, District Caimacam and Gökhan Yiğit, District Chief of Constabulary.

Gökay released information on the project status and said the Sığacık Marina, the new name of Teos Port, will be ready for the summer season of 2010. Gökay said when they took the port over from DLH, the plan was to rush it to Oct 29 of 2009, the Republic Day, and explained why that was not possible: "However, our construction work was late to start due the place having the status of a protected area. If nothing happens out of the ordinary, Sığacık marina will be able to accept and register yachts right at the beginning of the summer season of 2010."

Great economic asset
Gökay said the tourism potential of Sığacık was high and argued that it would be one of the popular ports of the Mediterranean in five years of time: "We believe that many boats will transfer here from Istanbul in a short while. This development will have great contributions to the economy of Sığacık."

Gökay handed out a dossier on the marina project to the attendees of the meeting and said this would be more than a port; the marina will also offer its services to the local tourism industry via public facilities. The marina will be able to house 450 boats at the same time and it is designed with all the needs of the tourists in mind, said Günay. "There will be 28 buildings in the port. Sığacık will be one of the tourism spots of Izmir that is open to the world with the customs building here; there will be cruises to the Greek islands," he said.

Local traders happy
Gökay made local trademen happy with his statements and he added that they could not express themselves to the people enough; that is why they will place a model of the Sığacık Marina at the Seferhisar municipality building. Gökay said Seferhisar is on its way to be famous for health tourism and they will have a special mission as part of this. "Only the area where the yachts will be kept and the customs building will be closed to the public for security reasons. All of our social facilities will be open to the people. We are aware of amateur fishermen fishing here. Although it was not featured in the project, we will also consider this and reclaim the river. We will build wharfs as a social project for the fishermen to make use of the sea."

The marina will feature a tennis court; car hire service, a volleyball court, sports center, health center, shopping area, a restaurant, a festival area, cafes and bars, yachting and sailing club, a bridge, a pool, customs building and wharfs on the canal.

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