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    Hike For Civil Servants

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    14.10.2003 - 10:50 | Son Güncelleme:

    Following the Cabinet meeting, Justice Minister Cemil Cicek said that the inflation target was set as 12% for 2004 and that the government would give a salary hike to civil servants that would exceed the inflation figure.

    According to this, the government decided to increase the salaries of civil servants by about 13.8% cumulatively, which will be comprised of two 6% hikes in the first and second half of 2004. Moreover, the government will pay 160 million TL to all civil servants equally and just once.

    When commenting on these figures, Cicek said that while the amount earmarked for the salaries of civil servants in the 2003 budget was 23.6 quadrillion TL, this would rise to 28.5 quadrillion TL in 2004.

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