GeriGündem Hi-tech investment launched in Gebze
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Hi-tech investment launched in Gebze

GEBZE - Tusaş, a Turkish defense company and General Electric Aviation launch a technology base near Istanbul. The center will focus on design, research and development of jet engines, gas tribune systems and sub-systems components.

Tusaş Engine Industries, or TEI, and General Electric Aviation launched a high-technology base in Gebze on Thursday.

The joint investment will focus on design, research and development of jet engines, gas tribune systems, engines for the defense industry, and sub-systems components development.

The Turkish Technology Center, or TTM, was launched with the participation of Defense Minister Vecdi Gönül, Undersecretary of Defense Murad Bayar, TEI Chief Akın Duman and Vice President of GE Aviation Jeanne Rosario.

The main focus of TTM will be the F-136 Engine Project for the Joint Strike Fighter or JSF, an advanced fighter jet. "In this project, Turkey’s business share will stand at $3 billion," Duman said. "With this new technology base, Turkey will be able to produce jet engines by 2011. Turkey’s defense industry reached $310 million in annual revenues and Turkey is capable of producing more than 560 components."

Noting that with this center Turkey will carry its defense products to the international level, Undersecretary of Defense Bayar said the Turkish military has started meeting its domestic needs. "This makes a big difference," he said.

"Turkey’s defense industry is getting stronger everyday," said Minister Gönül. "JSF is an important step on reaching international standards, as Turkey is one of the nine countries that will produce it," he said. The center will bring "technological depth" to Turkey, Gönül added.

"TEI’s revenues from the F136 engine program will reach $3 billion," said Bora Çağlar, TEI chairman.

"Currently there are 55 engineers employed at the TTM but in the upcoming years this figure will reach 240. We will be focusing especially on research and development and will aim to both produce and design engines."

Speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review, GE Aviation’s Jeanne Rosario said TEI has manufactured many parts for the U.S.-based firm. "We have been longtime friends with TEI," Rosario said. GE Aviation will launch a new investment in Eskişehir in September, she added.

"Continuing investing is the most important thing to do during a recession," Rosario said, regarding the global crisis. "Technology will help us to get out of this."

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