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    He yelled "Allahu ekbar" as he shot the priest; an analysis by Faruk Bildirci

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    07.02.2006 - 10:58 | Son Güncelleme:

    I had come to Trabzon previously, when there was the lynching attempt on a group of TAYAD youth trying to pass out information and flyers. And now, I am here following the murder of a Catholic priest.

    Listening to people speak, I realized that there was a shared element in these two events: the inability to stand different voices and different colors that make up a society!
    I also witnessed how widespread and effective the rumors about Priest Santoro's involvement in "missionary activities." Actually, the fact of the matter is that his entire parish did not number more than 10 to 15 people. Not exactly a large number in a big city like Trabzon.
    What comes to mind with the priest's death is the situation where a group of people applauded on convicted terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca's release from prison. The person being released was a murderer, but by shooting the Pope, he had, in their eyes, really hit the bull's eye. And now, less than a month since Agca was released, we have this event in Trabzon.
    The reasons behind the murder are not yet clear. But a point worth pondering is that apparently, the killer yelled "Allahu ekber" as he fired the gun at Father Santoro, who was kneeling in prayer at that moment. The reality of what this could mean for Turkey is frightening.
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