GeriGündem Handcuffs at Incirlik: Tension between US and Turkish forces at the base a reality
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Handcuffs at Incirlik: Tension between US and Turkish forces at the base a reality

The secrecy surrounding 10 minutes of high tension between US and Turkish soldiers on the Incirlik Base in Adana has been lifted by Hurriyet sources. A US authority speaking to Hurriyet sources has said that an emergency landing made by a US C-17 airplane caused enough disagreement between US and Turkish soldiers present that a US soldier was even handcuffed at the base by a Turkish counterpart. Though the Turkish General Staff confirms that a C-17 did in fact land without permission at the base, they deny the handcuff incident.

The developments leading to tension between members of Turkish and US armed forces were as follows:
***About a month and a half ago, a US C-17 "Globemaster" soldier cargo transport plane made an unauthorized emergency landing at Incirlik.
***Due to its unauthorized status, the plane was interned for awhile at Incirlik, and Turkish commanders ordered that no one, including US personnel, be allowed to enter it.
***A group of US authorities, going against the orders of the Turkish command, met with opposition from Turkish soldiers on duty, leading to 10 minutes of serious tension between the forces.
Washington source maintains at least one soldier handcuffed at the time
The Washington source who talked with Hurriyet said that "During this tension, at least one of our soldier personnel was handcuffed and taken away." A Turkish Armed Forces source talking to Hurriyet in Ankara said this: "A C-17 cargo plane applied for emergency landing status at Incirlik. Because it landed without authorization, we of course had to intern it for awhile at the base. The matter was researched for awhile. Then, following orders from the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the plane's internment status was lifted. There is no truth to the implication that any handcuffs were used during the incident."
Lack of trust following March 1 decision
An unnamed US authority had this to say about the incident: "It was an unpleasant situation that developed between the armed forces of two countries. We don't even know the details; it was something that happened between the soldiers and which they solved amongst themselves. But it is really unpleasant. It clearly shows the lack of trust between the two sides, following especially the March 1 decision by Turkey. (This was the date that the Turkish Parliament voted not to allow US forces to use Incirlik for more developed air strikes against Iraq.)"
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