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    Guruz: Coefficient Arrangement Will Remove Unified Education

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    22.10.2003 - 11:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    Prof. Kemal Guruz, the Chairman of the Higher Education Board (YOK), said that the planned arrangements on the coefficients used to calculate the grades of the vocational school graduates in university entrance test (OSS) would eliminate the Law on the Unification of Education.

    In his speech inaugurating the new academic year of the Okan University, Guruz said that if the motion on the modification of the coefficients in a way to benefit vocational, and hence Preachers' Schools, it would first affect economy. Guruz said, “One of its results will be to eliminate qualified labor force, which the economy needs.

    The second result will be to generate a two-course education system, one is secular and the other is religious, which will, in turn, eliminate the Law on the Unification of Education, one of the very basic qualities of the Republic. And the third result is that it will neglect teachers and turn education into a “multiple choice” system. It will eliminate schools and transfer resources to another system.”

    Erdogan: Do Not Talk About IHLs, I Do Not Want Any Crisis
    By saying, “I do not want a new crisis” Erdogan imposed a ban on his party about making statements about the controversial government motion favoring the graduates of Preachers' Schools (IHLs) in university entrance test.

    In the meeting of the Central Executive Board of Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Monday, Erdogan said, “We did not put forward this motion for ourselves and we are not insistent on the issue. It stemmed from a need and we want to work in a mutual compromise. At the moment the parliamentary sub-commission tackles the motion. We will wait for the activities of the sub-commission to end to adopt that motion. No one will take any initiative in this process. There is no need for tension. I do not want a new crisis on this issue. No one will talk about this issue until the commission finishes its activities.”

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