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    Gul: Turkey is intensively preparing for EU talks

    Hürriyet Haber
    08.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    As Turkey prepares for EU accession talks to begin, Ankara is getting ready stated Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul while speaking to the press at an exhibition in Ankara on Wednesday. "Ankara is intensively getting prepared for October 3rd," he said, adding that, "The important thing for both Turkey and EU is to carefully run the last 100 meters of the marathon." In reply to a question on Turkey's EU process, Gul said, "Necessary studies are under way both in Europe and Ankara regarding the process. We hope the entry talks will start on October 3rd as it was planned. There is not any reason to prevent start of the talks because Turkey fulfilled everything it was asked to do." When asked about Turkey's stance over not opening the ports to Greek Cyprus, Gul said, ''If problems and claims emerge about functioning of Customs Union, there are legal platforms within the Customs Union for discussion. Turkey's EU process is not related with this issue.'' Asked to comment on the case of Orhan Pamuk, Gul said, "There is no decision about it now. There is freedom of expression in Turkey. The reform process in Turkey has brought the country to this point. Courts are independent in Turkey. Courts will take the most correct decisions in line with the current laws." Quizzed over incidents in Tal Afar, Iraq, Gul said, "the decision to rapidly help Tal Afar was taken and preparations are completed. The aid will be transferred to Tal Afar urgently."
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