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    Gul: Turkey is an example of stability and democracy in the region

    Hürriyet Haber
    15.03.2005 - 10:30 | Son Güncelleme:

    At a luncheon yesterday hosted by the Bloomberg organization in London, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said that Turkey defends universal values such as democracy, supremacy of law, good administration, human rights, stressing that economic opportunities were blossoming because of the democratic values of the Turkish state.

    Gul also said that Turkey was a shining example of how democracy can develop within all societies irrelevant of religion or ethnic roots and that how Turkey's integration with the West can only have a positive result.

    Gul praised the Turkish people saying that there had been a great deal of enthusiasm and discussion over the topic of joining the EU, which made for a healthy environment within Turkey in terms of adopting reforms.

    He also placed privatization on the list of important economic developments in Turkey.

    The foreign minister is on a four-day trip and plans to meet with foreign investors and talk about investment opportunities in Turkey. He will talk about the political and economic environment to demonstrate that Turkey is a "safe haven in Europe for investments".

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